Nordic Dermatology Association Research Grant 2022

May 16th 2022

Open for application August 15th – October 16th!
For the third consecutive year, the Nordic Dermatology Association (NDA) will offer our NDA Research Grant 2022 (80,000 SEK). Applications will be admitted starting on August 15th, 2022. The grant will be given to one dermatological trainee or either resident or a recently approved specialist in dermatology and venereology (or split between two), working in a Nordic country and who is either a PhD student or a postdoctoral researcher.

Research projects on dermatological diseases with few funding possibilities and planned Nordic collaboration or mobility involving research visits to another Nordic country are considered advantageous.

The applications will be evaluated by the NDA Research Committee according to their clinical and scientific importance and feasibility.

Applications should be written in English and sent as a single pdf-file including:
– Short CV, including a list of publications (if any).
– Short research plan, maximum 3 pages including references.
– Short description of how the grant will be utilized (budget, and if a plan includes mobility, description of how it will benefit the research project).
– In case of planned mobility, informal invitation letter from the welcoming research group leader.

Researchers receiving a NDA Research Grant are expected to provide an update and preliminary results of their research project to the NDA board within one year and will be offered a possibility to present their results at the next NCDV congress.

Applications can be sent between August 15th and October 16th, 2022 to:

Christian Vestergaard                 Teea Salmi
NDA President                               NDA Research Committee Chair

NDA Research grant 2021

Dec. 14th, 2021

For the second consecutive year, the Nordic Dermatology Association (NDA) research grant was announced and open for application between Aug 1 and Oct 10, 2021, exclusively for residents or recently approved specialists in dermatology and venereology.

NDA research committee received 11 applications concerning interesting research projects from Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, but none from Norway and Iceland.  All applications were evaluated by the research committee based on their clinical and scientific relevance and feasibility.  

The research projects involved a broad spectrum of topics, but few included Nordic collaboration. Based on the evaluations, the board decided to split the 60,000 SEK research grant between two applicants, who were given 30,000 SEK each:

  • Laura Krogh Herlin, Denmark: Ectodermal dysplasia in Denmark
  • Sinja Kristiansen, Sweden: HPV in invasive penile cancer and risk factors and treatment for penile intraepithelial neoplasia

All applicants have been given feedback from the committee concerning their research project and applications.

The NDA board and research committee congratulate the grantees!

Teea Salmi
NDA research committee chair

John Paoli
NDA president


Former grant recipients


Kristina Viiklepp (Finland): Classical pathway of complement system in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

Philip Curman (Sweden): Development of novel treatments for a rare severe skin condition: Darier disease.

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