NDA guidelines for course proposals

The intention of the NDA courses is to provide high quality courses of practical topics, not regularly covered by national organizers, and to support Scandinavian net-working within dermatology.

  • Who can propose a course?
    Member of the NDA with an academic affiliation. Drug companies are not to be involved.
  • To whom the course proposals should be sent?
    To the chair of the education committee, Tove Agner.
  • What attachments are needed for course proposal?
    A curriculum for a resident course should include a programme with defined aims concerning the knowledge, skills and abilities that should be obtained after the course. Number of participants should be around 50.
  • How many months before the event should a proposal be submitted?
    A course proposal should be submitted at least nine months in advance
  • Who decides which courses are accepted?
    Education committee reviews the proposals and recommends courses to the NDA board which makes decisions.
  • The economy of the courses
    A guarantee sum from NDA of 100 000 skr is suggested as seed money of the first course. The organisers are encouraged to repeat the course. The following courses should be self-finding. The surplus should go to the organisers/affiliation.
  • Payments of the organizers/teachers/lecturers
    Speakers can be paid (1000 Euro), and travelling can be reimbursed.
  • Practical organization of the course
    A professional organizer (for example CAP) was recommended to take care of the practical arrangements.
  • Who informs the potential participants?
    The courses should be advertised by NDA website, Forum for Nordic Dermatology and Venereology as well as the national dermatological societies. Professional organisers may contribute to the spreading of information.
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